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This project is seems respect for Jetix. If becoming ultimate grimdark channel of JetixRestored, awaits to beign future after closed in 2010. Arcoss thankful Disney to saved with some other is Warhammer 40K.

Welcome to the JetixRestored Wiki

Hello everyone, my name is Dylan. And I welcome ANY fans of Jetix to the JetixRestored community. I created the JetixRestored community as an "attempt" to see if anyone remembered Jetix. And I've been happy to know that there are still many people that not only remember it, but miss it just like I do. And I want the JetixRestored community to grow so then we can have great conversations with each other. Not only about the future of the channel, but about the various different shows that were on Jetix. So then we can share our thoughts on various different things. Such as ideas for future seasons or episodes of one of your favorite shows. The few things you would want to be changed for the better. Or really anything relating to Jetix. I want us to become an active community again. So then when Jetix comes back. We will have an actual idea for what kind of direction we would like the channel and shows to go in.

Future Shows

I will soon post a list of Newer shows that I plan to have broadcasted. Some of the shows would not only fit on JetixRestored. But have simply not yet found a channel to belong on. Which I would be happy for them to become a part of the World of Jetix. Within grimdark version of shows with horror movies.


I started JetixRestored as a way to grow a community full of fans that remember the television channel that was known as Jetix. As well as the great childhood memories it brought many people. I focus to use my experience with video editing and YouTube as a platform. To deliver my message through the video content I create. But not only to deliver the message, but to also deliver a great video watching experience for any Jetix fan. And to ultimately make any fan of Jetix feel right at home with this community. I strive to find more ways to make improvements and to find things I can offer to the community. Now on the website, each you watching videos.

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